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CLICK HERE to view our schedule for all recreational classes, camps, and clinics for the Spring 2024 Session!​

CLICK HERE to view our schedule for all recreational classes, camps, and clinics for the Summer 2024 Session!​

  • Which class is right for my child?

    • PARENT & TOT:

      • 45 minute class for ages 15 months - 5 years old.  ​A parent, or authorized adult, must participate with the child. Toddlers will have the opportunity to explore and play with different shapes and colors while rolling, jumping, swinging and bouncing.  Emphasis will be placed on hand-eye coordination, following directions and socialization. 

    • 2 YEAR OLDS:

      • A playful class centered around age-appropriate activities, with emphasis on socialization, basic motor skills and quality movement experiences. Caters to growing independence of young children as they explore and move in a safe environment. Includes introduction to basic gymnastics apparatus. 

    • 3-4 YEAR OLDS:

      • Do you have an active, flipping, twisting, gravity-defying ball of energy living in your house? Let them release their energy while developing a love for physical activity in our gymnastics center.  Young gymnasts will learn independent, coordination, body awareness and basic gymnastics skills.

    • 5-13 YEAR OLDS:

      • Gymnasts divided into groups base on their skills and abilities.  Beginning-level students introduced to the world of gymnastics and gain skills needed to advance.  Learn basic skills for floor, bars, beams and vault.  Emphasis of class is fun, while increasing strength and flexibility, and learning intermediate gymnastics skills.


      • For beginners: Classes offer gymnasts an opportunity to perfect basic tumbling skills, work on handstands, cartwheels, round offs, standing backbends, back walkovers and front walkovers.  Student will not work on balance beam, uneven bars or vault.

      • For advanced: Students who has mastered basic gymnastics skills and is ready to learn or perfect a back handspring, front handspring, round off back handspring and back tuck. 


      • ​​Go…Fight…Win! Show your spirit while improving fitness, cardio and stamina in this cheerleading class. Learn proper technique, jumps, stunts, cheers, dance choreography, and tumbling skills. 


      • This class combines ninja obstacle course, free movement, parkour, and gymnastics! Ninjas will get a full-body workout and build confidence, all while having fun on challenging obstacle-courses and stations. 


      • Pop into the Gymnastics Center for fun during this drop-in session. Kids can tumble, jump, play, and much more! Instructors lead the children through activities that have them running, jumping, twisting, and swinging into the foam pit. Parent participation is required for children 2and under, and optional for children ages 3–5. Children must enroll 24-hours prior to the session to ensure adequate staffing.

    • B.R.A.V.E. Program:

      • B.R.A.V.E (Bee-Radiant-Active-Vibrant-Energetic) gymnastics class is designed to help improve fitness, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, balance, strength and flexibility, while enhancing sensory and spatial awareness.  Classes are for children with special needs who are independent, while doing gross motor skill activities, yet require a smaller class size.​​​

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